Registered Angus Genetics


Our History

Carl Willie bought the original home place of 150 acres in 1947. The fourth generation is just now starting to work on the farm. That’s something we are pretty proud of. We’ve gradually grown to 1800 acres of farm ground now, growing primarily alfalfa along with barley and corn. We’ve had as many as 350 head of mother cows but have scaled it down to between 100-125, allowing us to cull deep every year and produce a better product.  We’ve been raising registered angus since the early 90’s.

Registered 2 year old bulls for sale in the fall and spring, registered bred heifers and cows in the fall.

In Focus 25T as a 5 year old resting in the shade of a big cottonwood tree.

Aftermath grazing on barley stubble in October and corn stalks and alfalfa fields in November

We don’t show cattle. What is wanted in the show ring is not what works in the real world. We don’t spend time trimming and washing our cattle. The pictures you see of them are what they look like every day

The cows graze corn stalks until they come in to calve in February.

In 2012 our herd was 100% AI’d for the first time. We fixed time bred the whole herd. We blood tested for pregnancy 28 days later to confirm pregnancy to an AI sire. Those that didn’t settle the first time were re-synched and bred again. We are excited to see the results.

The winter of 2013 was cold. We were below zero 19 of 23 mornings. It’s took it’s toll on cows and equipment. The later calving cows survived on the corn stalks until the first of February.


We just took wean weights for 2013. The heifers averaged 680 pounds and the bulls 740 pounds. The top bull gained 3 pounds/day and was sired by Woodhill Foresight. The top heifers gained 2.9 pounds/day and was sired by TC Total 410.

We preg checked and we had a 97% pregnancy rate. 5 open cows of 141 head. Of those five, two were the last two to calve last year, one was injured, and two of them were heifers that tested pregnant to an AI stud early on and then came back open.


2014 Wean weights were down a bit from 2013. Our bulls averaged 647 lbs wean weight with a 89 lb birth weight average. The heifers averaged 627 lbs with a 78 lb birth weight average. The top heifer gained 2.55 lbs/day birth to wean and was sired by Woodhill Foresight and is a full sister to our Herd Sire Willie Foresight. The top bull gained 2.88 lbs/day and was sired by Genetics by Design 049.